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Baked Sweet Potato Hash with Eggs (Whole30 Friendly)


I went for brunch last week with a few co-workers and got into a conversation with one of them about hash. Hash is SO DAMN GOOD. I could eat it everyday.
She was telling me that she makes regular potato hash in a cast iron skillet, makes little holes, cracks an egg in and sticks it in the oven. GENIUS!
I don’t eat regular potatoes, and I don’t have a cast iron skillet, so here’s my take on it.
Turned out amazing.

1 medium sweet potato
1 small onion
1 tbsp EVOO
2 medium boiled beets
4 eggs
1 tbsp Mrs Dash original blend

1. Preheat oven to 350.
2. Grate your sweet potato with a cheese grater, or mandolin OR if your food processor has a grating feature (like mine) use that. It will make life SO much easier. Chop your onion finely.
3. Heat up a frying pan on high heat. Add EVOO. Add the sweet potato, onion and Mrs Dash. Cook until sweet potato begins to brown and soften.
4. Slice your beets and create your “crust”. Layer the beets in a 9×9 baking pan. Add sweet potato hash on top. Begin to create holes for your eggs.
5. Crack your eggs into the hash and bake for 15-20 mins depending on how runny you want your eggs.
6. Sprinkle with desired seasoning and serve.




14 comments on “Baked Sweet Potato Hash with Eggs (Whole30 Friendly)

  1. Borjok
    October 28, 2012


  2. samira
    January 9, 2013

    WOW I need to make this! My family would love it! šŸ™‚

    • dieffs
      January 9, 2013

      It was great! Let me know how you like it please!

  3. Jessie Riboli
    February 14, 2013

    definitely making this soon!!

  4. hannahshanks
    March 30, 2013

    any recommended substitutes for the beets? are they required to “make” the dish?

  5. Michelle
    October 13, 2013

    I made this the other night (just started the Whole30) and am now making a double recipe. Love it!! I left the beets out though–don’t care for them

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  7. Kelly
    May 24, 2014

    This was delicious!!!

  8. Sarah
    June 17, 2014

    How would these hold up to re-heating or eating cold?

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  11. Alex
    October 1, 2014

    These look delicious and I’d love to make them, but what is ‘Evoo’ and ‘Mrs Dash’ please (and the international equivalents)? Cheers

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  13. Traci
    March 30, 2015

    I don’t mind beets but I left them out. This is so delicious! I look forward to days when I have this for breakfast lol.

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