It's not a diet. It's a lifestyle change.

Whole30 Week 3

It’s officially been three weeks since my boyfriend I have started the whole30 program.
No change in how I feel from last week, just still feel incredible. Sustained energy, less headaches, lighter, cleaner, less bloated.
This challenge has been amazing. Besides giving up my beloved grains and peanut butter, I find grocery shopping a big challenge.
You really have to know your stuff. I’ve done a ton of research and thankfully I have this handy iPhone that I can search anything on while I’m out. I’ve never read ingredient labels the way I do now… It’s crazy how many things have added sugar!
It’s definitely helped me be more disciplined, and really stick to a meal plan. I try to avoid any aisles that have candy or chocolate, especially chocolate. I’m not even a crazy chocoholic, I just miss a sweet treat.
I’ve definitely made a few mistakes with products I thought were whole30 friendly, despite all the research I’ve done.
My boyfriend and I plan on doing the program again, and hope to get better at it every time we do!
He’s been smoke free for 4 WEEKS now!
I can honestly say this program has changed my life and his. Can’t wait to give you guys progress pictures next week!

Xoxo Sheereen


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