It's not a diet. It's a lifestyle change.

My Hair Care Routine


I used to be totally OCD with my hair. It had to be PERFECTLY straight all the time, yes even when I went to the gym. I spent so much money on hair products and flat irons and then tons of money on products to repair it.

In May of this year I got my wisdom teeth taken out and I started juicing. I absolutely loved it. This is when I stopped flat ironing my hair. Juicing changed my life. All those vegetables I wasn’t eating, I was now drinking. Juicing has completely changed my hair, skin and nails.

The combination of no longer burning my hair with a flat iron everyday and getting all those nutrients in my body has made my hair thicker and healthier.

I like to switch my shampoo up about every month or so. I find when I use the same product for too long it stops working as well as it used to.

There are a few natural products from LUSH that I highly recommend.
I use “New!” solid shampoo bar. This thing is great. It gets my hair so squeaky clean. If my hair is really dirty, I wash it twice.

The conditioner I use is “Veganese”, a totally vegan conditioner with a great scent. It’s so lightweight.

After I wash my hair and towel dry, I use a very small amount of “R&B” leave in conditioner.

If I have the time, I wash my hair separately in lukewarm water. My hairdresser told me this was the proper way to wash it. Makes sense because heat is not good for your hair!

I DO NOT flat iron my hair. This was very hard for me, but I’ve learned to love my hair naturally.

It is not longer dead, it is no longer breaking. It is now thick and has an amazing wave that I didn’t even know was possible with my hair.



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