It's not a diet. It's a lifestyle change.

Vitamins, Minerals, Supplements


These are the vitamins/supplements I take everyday and why I take them!

Quercitin Complex – This was recommended to me from a lady at work. She has horrible allergies and said it did wonders for her. I used to take this for my allergies. I have really bad allergies in the summer, and I refuse to take claritin, or whatever other “drug store” brand allergy medication that will make it go away for a few hours. That is not fixing the problem, it’s masking it temporarily. I actually stopped taking Quercitin because it made me nauseous. So although it worked amazing for her, it just didn’t work for me. This is the perfect example of something working for someone, and not working for someone else. Find what works for you!

Cinnamax – I’m not the biggest fan of cinnamon. It’s great for regulating your blood sugar, which helps you curve your sweet tooth. I take two capsules a day.

Chromium Picolate – If you crave sweet, this is what your body is missing. I took it everyday for 60 days and my sweet tooth is 95% gone. My health food store actually told me to take a break from it for a month and start again – it’s always good to give your body a break.

Vitamin C – I just can’t get enough of this. I take two every morning. Vitamin C helps with the absorption of iron!

Iron – (not in the pic) I’m anemic, and if I don’t have my iron, I’m tired. I get headaches. I take a liquid iron. I used to take pills and it would take forever to get into my bloodstream, and also leave me constipated. Liquid iron (for me) is a million times better. Absorbs quickly and efficiently.

Omega 369 – Healthy fats, and I don’t eat seafood (only tuna) so I try to get all those healthy fats from somewhere.

Multivitamin – Because I believe we need one! Thankfully I have health conscious parents who brought me up on taking multivitamins. I buy “Ultimate One” from my health food store. Herbal multivitamins.. I’m in.

Garlic – Ok so, I originally started taking garlic when I got back from Mexico covered in mosquito bites. My mom told me if I take garlic, I wont get mosquito bites. Guess it’s working? I’ve only got about two this summer. I later found out that garlic is great for your immune system and cardiovascular health.

Please don’t take my advice as “professional” guys, I don’t have a degree or diploma in any of this. I ask my health food store a ton of questions, and always let my doctor know what I’m taking at my yearly physical. Do your research and ask questions before you start taking anything!


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